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RolStoppable said:

The idea is laughed at for three main reasons:

1. Comparisons between Switch and other consoles usually are LTD for Switch vs. lifetime of other consoles.
2. Quality of released first party games is deemed to be of little to no relevance.
3. Third party support gets conveniently ignored.


I agree with 1-3, which were actually arguments I put against the person I replied to (I said 1 when I explained that Switch is focusing on a length vs. short term release schedule which means a console that lasts longer and has more content at the end of the hardware's life, and I said 3 when I explained that unless you are including third party titles the release schedule on switch is actually pretty similar to that of a handheld + home console lineup of the past, especially when you cut out the unoriginal content on both sides), except for 2 which I think just speaks for itself given the status of Odyssey and BOTW. Seems like we agree but you just cut out the first part of my reply, which I really only used to sympathize with the person's perspective. For example in the next point you make you say "regarding your other argument", when in fact the first part you are replying to is not even an argument. My argument is everything you cut out, which is conveniently the part you agree with. 

Regarding your other argument that Switch as a hybrid is a handheld device, it's pretty obvious that a hybrid needs to be of a size that allows it to be legitimately portable. How else do you imagine a hybrid?

Of course that is a no-brainer. My point is that the concept of a "hybrid" more so lives in the plane of practicality and not so much in the literal sense. In the literal sense, the Switch is already a handheld device. Whether or not it's "dedicated" is up for debate I guess, but it is portable. If a new Switch released that was catered more towards the portable crowd then it would still most likely have dock capabilities, even if it released without a dock. It would still be a portable device because everything needed for the system to work is in the handheld. But with how people actually use it in their day to day lives, yes, it is a hybrid. 

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