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curl-6 said:
DélioPT said:

BIG  as in, COD, Battlefield, RDR 2, GTA, Destiny, etc..

Exactly, Switch will fail without super-massive AAA games such as these, that's why it's selling worse than the Wii U, since the Wii U at least had COD.

I don't think i mentioned failure of any kind.

What i said still stands: it hasn't gotten those big titles, despite the huge success of the console and the fact that in terms of age demographics and userbase, it's very similar to XB1 and PS4.
Not even announcements are being made.

Kinda makes you think how sustainable this success will be in the long run, doesn't it?
What will happen the next time there's no selling concept, no return to greatness for Zelda and Mario to sell the next HW or fend off the incoming PS5 and XB2? Wouldn't it be better if Switch already had that kind of library and be seen as a real alternative to Sony and MS?

Not having those BIG games might not seem much now, but when the times comes, it surely will make a difference!