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green_sky said:

Homelanders hah. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/artificial-maturity/201402/homelanders-the-next-generation

GENERATION Y (1984-2002)

  1. Adventurous
  2. Green friendly, but self-indulged
  3. Secure; high self-esteem
  4. Easy come, easy go
  5. Poor at finances
  6. Dependant upon parents/adults
  7. Optimistic and progressive
  8. Cause-oriented
  9. I want it all
  10. Naïve

HOMELANDERS (2003-2021)

  1. Cautious and safety preoccupied
  2. Green-biased; focus on conservation
  3. Insecure; seeking identity
  4. Calculated
  5. Frugal stewards of resources
  6. Self-reliant
  7. Realistic and pragmatic
  8. Issue-oriented
  9. I seek balance; trade-offs
  10. Globally savvy and aware
I guess they are bit better. 

Damn, that's a great way of putting it!!! I agree with you 100%. 

I feel like this generation is less ambitious, more realistic and highly financially aware. People are also a lot more introverted/ more comfy being at home on Netflix than out.

In my dorm I see a lot of people curled up in their beds watching something and only go out to work out or eat mostly.