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Mar1217 said:
flashfire926 said:

I know that. Though if this is my ranking, why would I rank it based on other people's preferences rather than mine?

Well yeah I did use other people's preferences when it came to the seven FF games, but that was because I'm not educated enough on that matter to make a judgement myself.

Just asking to be more introspective,basically. I mean I don't like or have any interest in the Animal Crossing franchise but I can easily think about what the others feel about it to  know how valuable it's announcement was after the Direct.

Then what would even be the point of this thread, if everybody had to rate this being more introspective? All the scores would be the same, and the thread would be useless.

The point is to express your own opinion, not the consensus's. The consensus will show up by itself in the poll and when you read replies back to back.

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