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JRPGfan said:

The thing is if say 5% of the population is in a same sex relation ship, do you think 5% representation amoung games would be enough?

And what % do you think its at right now?

"Mario has Princess Peach"  common that barely counts as a relationship, cant see how thats +1 for the straight's out there.

Also  be honest, if  you where designing a super hero, for a comic (book or tv) would you make one thats appealing for 95% of the market,
or one for the 5%?

Like I feel LGBT wants more representation that it probably deserves.
These corporations are just out to make money, not to step on anyones toes. 

I never said that LGBT representation is accurate to the numbers in our population. Nor did I say that it SHOULD be. I don't really care for quotas. However, I do see something wrong with the 95% being upset if more than 5% of the fictional realm is represented by the minority population. Even if they are being represented by 80% of the characters in media, why would you consider it "unfair" for LGBT to get more representation than what's in the population? Why care so much when the vast majority still caters to that 95% group. The majority will always find a character to identify with (which is why representation is important). The "overrepresented" minority still may not.

I was just stating that the people who are making a big deal about sexuality being represented in fictional characters do so basically when a non-hetero group is represented. We've always had romances. And yes, Mario kissing Peach shows a hetero normative relationship, but I was kinda joking. Still I can pull a bunch of other characters out that definitely fit the mold and nobody got in a tizzy over them. Heck, where are people that aren't moms or republican legislators crying foul over nude prostitutes in GTA or sexual mini-games in franchises like the God of War or the Witcher? The people on this very forum aren't claiming those games are pushing a straight agenda even though the sexuality and sexual explicitness is way more in your face than Ellie making out with a girl during a dance.

The reason you hear headlines about gay characters is because the majority is not used to seeing these types of characters. But the scenarios are the same (if not LESS in your face). We've seen straight characters kiss, have sex, court each other, etc. etc. People will only claim LGBT agenda is throwing it in your face, because they aren't accustomed to seeing it with LGBT characters, but the actions aren't any different than what's been going on with straight characters for decades.

However, going back to what you are talking about with the 5%, there is a silver lining with over-representing these and other minority populations. The majority groups get desensitized over time to what they subconsciously recognize as "the other" because they see them enough. Then we don't have people crying foul over two girls making it out and calling it an "agenda."