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With CES going on I thought I would take a stroll over to the AVS forums. I'm sure a lot of you here are familiar with them. When Universale (the only exclusive HD-DVD studio) made Zero announcements of coming titles it shocked a lot of HD fans. Here's what some had to say. "Wow... completely shocked here. I'm sitting here looking at the announced lists for the first 3 months of the year. I want brokeback and the mummy returns and the departed. On the other side, there's 14 titles I'd get. I think I'm just buying Universal only for my A2 at this point and going Blu-ray for everything else. My PS3 will be opened on April 24... by B-day." ____________________ "For the first time since I bought my HD-A1 and added over 100 HD DVD discs to my collection, I am going to have to consider curtailing the purchase of any additional titles. I will probably cancel my Amazon pre-orders as well. I have been a huge supporter of the format by purchasing equipment and software with zeal. But Universal's lack of enthusiasm dare I say it... has me turning Blu. I was anticipating some huge announcements but we didn't even get a hint of what is to come. I think the earlier HD DVD announcements were stellar. I predicted the terrific hardware news but I was also depending on Universal to pull out all the stops to help boost HD DVD beyond the first quarter. If this is some sort of strategy, it seems pretty damn foolish to me. I am wondering if they are actually re-considering exclusive support. Regardless of the new Toshiba announcements, losing Universal's exclusive support would certainly deliver a death blow and even I would consider having to make an incredibly painful decision." ________________ "Wow, makes me feel glad I went with HD-DVD before Blu. I was already planning on going neutral and getting a PS3 by the spring, and still loving my HD-DVD, but with this kind of "support", I'm half thinking it may not be a bad idea to sell my HD-A1 to help pay for it." _________________ "exclusivity is a prime factor here. Universal is the only major studio that was backing hd dvd. quite a few bd exclusive movies are being announced. not so for hd dvd. i'm gettin a ps3. not because i want to, but because i have to if i ever want to see these movies in hi def." _________________ "As supporter of both, I have to say that I am dissapointed. Come on, this is CES, where all companies get everyone pumped up about what is to come. Even if Universal plans on releasing 300 titles in the following year, its still a disappointment considering this is CES. I know people will come in here to defend HD-DVD, but face it, today is a gloomy day for HD-DVD no matter how many things you pull out your ass to defend it. I hope they keep releasing universal titles because I want them, but I have a PS3 and I must say that Blu-Ray will definitely be getting most of my money this year. Also I was looking at universals library. And they don't have a "Ton" of hits left in the catalogue, though they do have a decent amount that I will hold on to my A2." ___________________ "Universal, you made me do it. PS3 owner now. No, I'm not abandoning HD DVD. I was a supporter from the get go and will continue to be, own 70+ titles and counting, but life is to short to be playing this waiting game. Many of us held our collective breath for months for OUR Super Bowl, CES. Well, you let me down brother." ___________________ I only wrote about these to show an interesting thing. People who have been supporting HD-DVD from the beginning are not only switching sides, the BD player they prefer to get or already have will be a PS3. Pretty interesting. It seems in the AVS forum there is a heated debate among long time HD-DVD supporters, a lot of them are abandoning support and others trying to convince them to ride it out. But those abandoning support seem very willing to give their money to get a PS3 as it appears BD may become the dominate movie media. If Sony manages to pull this off I will be very impressed. That not only were they able to add BD to their gaming system and help push BD sales, but as BD sales become greater, and the look of support for HD-DVD seems to wain, people are actually willing to by a PS3 to be the BD player. The 2 ideas PS3 and BD are actually helping each other.