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The_Liquid_Laser said:
I think the PS5 should be a home/handheld hybrid, but I doubt they will do it.

I disagree.  Let PS5 be a powerhouse, let Nintendo be a hybrid.  They coexist perfectly with eachother as it is and many PS fans would be pissed at the sacrifices needed to make native gaming on the go work.


OT As for remote play, it is less than desirable.  I have used it many times and it was enjoyable enough, but after using the Switch on the go...there is no beating native gameplay.  I tried to emulate Switch performance with remote play (my speeds are over 300mb) and it is hit or miss.  Wifi hotspot is a huge hit to quality, public wifi is a bust, and playing on a friends Wifi works well enough as long as you are not in peak usage hours.


With the Switch, I can use all of thise wifi connections to use multiplayer effectively (much less demanding than streaming) and my SP games work flawlessly without a connection.


Remote play is nice, and I do see the PS5 having it, but it is no replacement for the Switch when gaming on the go.

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