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Megiddo said:
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Monster Hunter World on PC is an absolute train wreck so I played the demo of Generations last night and was like sweet jesus im back home again. This is monster hunter. World runs like garbage on PC looks like garbage, the online doesn't work 99% of the time, its a singleplayer game disguised as a multiplayer game. I hope there is NEVER another Monster Hunter with the structure of World it is a downgrade. It fixed a lot of tiny issues but creates bigger issues.

I am beyond glad to go back to Generations

MHW is a 2018 game. It's not going to run well on a toaster. There are going to be a lot more MunHun games like MHW since it is far and away the highest selling MonHun game ever.

Highest selling doesn't mean best and it's easy to be the highest selling when its on every single platform. World does way too many things wrong and I am for sure, not on a toaster. Ryzen 5 2600 4.0ghz, RX 580 8GB, 16gb ram

Here is a brief list of things MHW gets wrong from my steam review

-Having to watch cutscenes to play online, forced story, lack of weapon cosmetic variety, lack of armors, too easy to craft full sets, no g rank, only way to message people is by pausing the game (given that the online is working which 99% of the time its not), casualized, lack of monster variety, bland locations except for coral highlands, no more skills so therefore a lack of movement options compared to generations.

And none of that is even mentioning the shoddy PC port. There is a reason it has a 42% rating on steam and lowering because it's a bad Monster Hunter game. Good game, bad monster hunter game. The only reason its getting praised by console players is because this is the first one they've ever played so it was like "wow nothing can get better than mediocrity because i am clueless!"

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