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Go to all classes if possible. This will save you a lot of work during the semester.
Take notes on paper. If you don't need a laptop in class, leave it in your dorm or in your bag. You have to be much more selective when taking notes on paper and this contributes to paying more attention during lectures.
If you have a smartphone, turn it off in class or leave it on silent in your bag. Smartphones can be a huge distraction in class. Even if the lecture seems boring, resist the urge to be doing something else.
If you can't follow a class for any reason, be sure to get someone's notes. I label my notes by which class it is (class 1, 2, 3 and so one) so I can see where I missed out on a class.
Join your local club. Don't know how it's organized in US colleges, but we have several student societies for every faculty depending on what you study (for study reasons, I'm in the Japanese student society even though I study moral sciences). They can be a serious help in studying as well as making friends and connections.
Enjoy student life. it's ok to have a good experiance at your university. On the other hand, a fair warning from someone who has studied 4 years already: be careful with how much parties you visit and how much alcohol you consume. Having a good time a few times too many can absolutely wreck your student career (not talking out of my own experience, but I've seen it happen a few times too often).
Find a studying spot. If self-discipline doesn't come naturally, find a spot (like a library) where you can study diligently. It's better to study hard on your own for 2 hours then to stare at your books and check facebook for hours on end. I study at a local monastery myself when the exams come. If you don't need it, again, leave your laptop behind (and print out what you can or need).
Try to be friendly to university staff and professors. Being known as a nice student (don't be try hard though) will make them more inclined to help you if necessary.

And most importantly, have fun and succes with your studies!