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When you see those statistics that say that the top three billionaires have as much money as the bottom 50% of Americans, this is why. The bottom 40% have nothing once you account for debt, and most are just going further into debt, and not for tvs or electronics, but for like, general living expenses, especially healthcare. So the 40-50% decile is made up of people with positive wealth, but after subtracting the negative wealth of the bottom 40%, that last 10% is not going to be more than the insane wealth of those top three. The same goes for income. Too many people are needing to go into debt just to survive, especially healthcare, so after subtracting expenses, the bottom 50% don't even make as much combined as the top three individuals. It's nuts. All the philanthropy in the world is not worth such absurd inequality. Bezos, Gates, and Buffet in no way earned that wealth. They may have earned some of it, but not that much. The fact that they and others have that much and the bottom half has so little is just a policy failure on the part of the United States. Given that most of our economy is based almost entirely on spending that most consumers won't be able to keep up, we're headed for a crash. And since we lack the tools to bail out the people with all the needless military deficit spending and besides all that the people in power lack the political will to bail out the people, choosing to bail out corporations instead, that crash may turn into a total collapse.