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Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said:

OP talks about revenue in Xbox department doesn't it?

Every Nintendo and Sony Q and Y earnings, the sales of HW and SW are discussed even if the title doesn't say Consoles Sold.

And.. Does MS have to be like Nintendo and Sony? You seem very interested in knowing there hardware sales.. why? so you can bash and compare them? MS know the negatively behind simply petty sales figures, that's why they stopped posting them, and as long as there are people that treat sales figures as a negative towards a brand, they will continue to hide the figures. It does nothing for them and there customers.

Of course it doesn't (although I didn't see you complaining about people who suggested Sony and Nintendo should copy MS). Still the fact that we discuss their sales on their earnng topics disprove your point that it shouldn't be talked about here.

I'm very interested in knowing their sales because this is a sales site for christ sake, everytime someone asks about sales from a MS product in this site you divert to an attack on the person and how unecessary that information is. And yes another reason for the site existence is comparing sales of the products. It was a blast during X360 when all 3 were very close and MS released their numbers and bragged about it, where you here complaining about it?

They know the negatively? You mean, being a lot behind competitors? Funny enough when they won a month during Holidays they were all over the place commemorating their victory. So who is petty? Shall we rescue all their petty twitter posts about sales? Or are you under the impression that Sony and Nintendo are the petty ones and MS is helping the world breaking free of this useless sales concern?

Conina said:
drkohler said:

Now consider next: What happened to all those millions of (expensive, not cheap) Kinect2 chips and parts that were never put into Kinect2s? How much did that fiasco cost? Kinect2 is not cheap at all to manufacture. It is a brilliant technical gadget that (imo unnecessarily) died in its infancy.

I doubt they overproduced millions of Kinect parts which are now filling up warehouses. They probably stopped producing them long before announcing their plans of a kinect-less Xbox One and they were selling off the rest as optional accessories for Xbox One consoles and PCs for years.

drkohler said:

How do you value the many VR businesses that MS bought out during development of the XBox1  (which probably could also have been a preemptive strike against competitors)? What are all those VR people doing now which were supposed to do XBox1 VR stuff?

Which Xbox1 VR stuff? Kinect ain't VR.

And which VR businesses did they buy during development of the XBox1?

The VR experts they hired were probably all helping to develop "Windows mixed reality" over the last years which includes the full spectrum from VR to AR.

I guess he is talking about all those contracts for parts that you usually pay for a certain quantity over time (which is one reason why increase or decrease production take some time) so cutting production at once probably costed some.