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This is on some Alex Jones level shit lol.. The left makes fun of Alex Jones (I mean rightfully so don't get me wrong) but then many of these same people turn around and start screaming "It's all a Russian conspiracy!!" at everything they don't agree with or don't understand, basically sounding just like the left wing version of him.

Think for a moment.. WHY the hell would the Russians want the GOP in power, especially with Trump at the helm who pushes from a stronger, resilient, and more independent America? Wouldn't they want to prop up the DNC if anything, who seemingly is doing the opposite? Ever hear of Uranium One? Yeah, look it up..

All this Russian hysteria is is DNC damage control to avoid making them look foolish because they are hemorrhaging power and lost the upset election of the century that they were supposed to win. If Hillary had won, I guarantee you you'd never have heard a peep of this Russian business. Notice how we didn't hear a word of this until AFTER the election. Like, you're going to tell me nobody knew anything about this tampering or influencing with all the tools and intelligence we have (FBI, CIA) until AFTER the election? It's much easier to point fingers and scapegoat than address one's own problems and corruption..

And notice how everything and everyone that just happens to go against the DNC, Neocons, (and particularly Clinton) interests is all Russian conspiracy. Trump? Russians! Wikileaks? Russians! #Walkaway? Russians! Jill Stein? (who by the way belongs to the even more left wing Green Party) Russians! Ron Paul and Libertarians? Russians! Hell, I've even seen people accuse Bernie of being involved with Russians, hilarious as HE was the one who was colluded against. Hmmm, sounds to me like a Democrat conspiracy, not a Russian one..

The ONLY seemingly credible Russian collusion stuff that seems semi-legit is that they may have had a connection with the Wikileaks docs - which simply shed a light on the corruption ALREADY happening within the DNC. Why is that a bad thing? Shouldn't the conversation then be, well why is the DNC engaged in all this corruption and collusion in the first place, rather than blaming the messengers of said corruption?

I swear, you'd think we were back in the era of McCarthyism or the Cold War with all this nonsense... This is a modern day moral panic, nothing more, (along with "Nazis" who don't even exist anymore outside of a fringe group of a few thousand loons in the entire country haha). This is all similar to how the GOP constantly shouted about "Iraq!" "Bin Laden!" and "Terrorists!" 15 years ago and how only *they* could protect us from these boogeymen.

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