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maxleresistant said:
nemo37 said:

There are plenty of games that do that. Just look at the recent Tomb Raider games, the Battlefront/Battlefield titles, EA Sports titles,  etc. All of these are based on the engines of their predecessors and many share assets with their predecessors. In the case of Smash specifically, why would you create a new graphics engine and assets when the Switch is not far more graphically powerful than Wii U? 

I do agree though that if Nintendo wanted to reach 20 million this year, they should have had more big hitter lined up throughout the year (not just at the end), hopefully they have a more robust output in 2019.

I'm not saying it is wrong to use the same engine. The thing is every smash Bros episode are a leap in terms of graphics, content, characters. So there was obviously this kind of expectation for a smash Bros switch.

I'm just saying why this episode doesn't feel like a leap, why the game doesn't have the positive buzz it should have.


Personally, I think the series needs a complete overhaul, it's peaked with melee and since then each new episode have been disappointing.

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