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Baddman said:
couchmonkey said:

1.How do we measure what fans are hyping?
2. Assuming the premise is correct, and the other two games were more hyped:
Ori: I have no idea, barely even heard of it hence question 1.
Cuphead: this game is marketed very well with the music and art style. I am actually a little surprised it took off with the XBox audience, but even so the game's style is i mediately eye catching. Hollow Knight, not so much I saw the E3 announcement but I already forgot what it looks like. Both games also have lousy titles, but Cuphead is at least memorable, hollow knight is both a cliche (knigts are everywhere in gaming)and self deprecating (hollow is not strong or positive word). Good game title? Rocket League. Rockets are awesome, and league tells you it is a competitive, sportsy title.


edit: serious question for Hollow Knight players: is the gameplay as tight as a classic 8 or 16 bit pkatformer?  I rewatched the trailer and it looks kind of floaty to me.

can't say for sure as I haven't played a classic 8 or 16-bit platformer in a long time. but It doesn't seem floaty at all to me. and I hated LBP for its floatiness.  The length of time he is in the air depends if you how long you hold the jump button

Yeah, LBP is on a whole different plane. thanks for the feedback!