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I'd rank it as follows:

Square Enix

Those are what I watched. Well have to watch Nintendo better when I get home. Didn't get ot watch it closely, some watch some just listen. At work on phone so...
All the hate to the 20 minute smash talk. I see nothing wrong with that. It's their big game, they tend ot do 1 big game each e3 for last few years. Second, i'll take 20 minutes of smash talk over 20 minutes of venue change like Sony, and third most Nintendo's E3's are like 20-25 minutes, so all the Smash was basically just a bonus. If they would have cut the Smash to a 3 minute trailer, that does not mean we would have gotten another 20 minutes of new shit, the conference would have just been 20 minutes shorter. People have to quit thinking doing one thing prevents another all the time.