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Podings said:
Aeolus451 said: I rather them not fuck up the IP in the first place because I'm a fan of it. I want it to stay around. It's stupid to just let sjws/activists ruin everything by being quiet to their antics then voting with your wallet after-the-fact. So it certainly matters to the fanbase (the consumers) why the company does something that's not in line with their wants.

Thing is, it isn't the activists that ruin anything. It's the management at the studios that make the games. They alone decide if they want to appeal to certain loudmouths. Your options are to shout even louder than the interest groups you disagree with, or to vote with your wallet. You can't make the people that a studio tries to appeal to just go away.

Besides, franchises have been ruined since time immemorial by IP holders trying to "expand" the audience. This is not a new development for video games either. This sucks, but the games that you love that already exist won't go away, and maybe eventually the franchise will come back around.

You contradict yourself when you in one post say he is acting entitled for complaining, and here say he have the option to complain louder than activists.

Podings said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes as much as they can do whatever they want with their products, consumer can complain. So why the need to attack OP and do name calling?

I didn't at any point call anyone names.

And I certainly did not tell OP that he can't do a rant.
What I did do was inform him that he sounded about as entitled as the people he feel companies are ruining their games trying to appeal to.

Calling someone entitled is what?

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