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Faelco said:
bugrimmar said:

I don't think I'm being brave. The only difference with my review is that I actually played through every piece of content the game has, unlike those others who just played the story. I'm just being honest and anyone who is honest with it will see the same problems too.

"unlike those others". Right, because you're the only platinum trophy in the world. 


And seeing problems is an opinion, not "being honest", please don't present yourself as superior because you wanted more enemies or didn't understand the point of the story, thanks. 

Reviews came out days after the reviewers all over metacritic received their copies. They were published a week before the game came out. Maybe you take off the fanboy glasses and see the flaws for what they are?


Go look at another game. See how many enemies there are compared to this. Then compare the score. Have we been fair? Or have we simply forgiven this game's lack of enemy types because everything else is good?


And please, don't tell me I didn't get the point of the story. The fact that I'm complaining about it means that I did get it, but I understood that it wasn't told in the best way. If I had to recall it and I had to reread what I was doing because the main mission got lost in all the obstacles you had to bypass, there's something wrong there. Again, you're just forgiving it because everything else is good.


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