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Bristow9091 said:
bugrimmar said:

I'm referring to the R3 mechanic when a monster is stunned. Each monster has only one execution animation. I played the game so long so I probably crushed a draugr's head a thousand times with my boot. Would it have killed the dev to add another animation per monster? It's not a lot.

Pressing R3 generally has two execution animations for draugrs, the head stomp and ripping them in half with your hands... although "Cleave" (Hold R2) is also an execution but it doesn't require the enemy to be stunned beforehand. Look up some execution videos on YouTube and you'll see there's multiple per enemy, lol. 

Lol, you're telling me to go on YouTube to look for execution animations? Play the game, will you. You can only step on certain kinds of draugr's heads and you can only rip apart certain kinds too. Each enemy only has ONE animation.


How many ways to execute an ogre? A dark elf? A wulver? Just because two kinds of draugr have two animations doesn't mean everyone has them! Play the game before you comment! There's multiple per enemy? Is this a joke? Pfft.


The axe R2 move is an ATTACK. it's not an execution.


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