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GaoGaiGarV said:

Well deserved for Playstation 2!


Anyway, here are the top consoles of all time listed in order (according to how we voted).

1) Playstation 2
2) Playstation
3) Nintendo Entertainment System  
4) Super Nintendo
5) Nintendo DS
6) Playstation 4
7) Dreamcast

8) Nintendo Switch
9) Sega Genesis
10) Nintendo 3DS
11) GameCube
12) Nintendo 64
13) Playstation Portable
14) PS3
15) Game Boy Advance
16) Wii
17) GameBoy/GameBoy Color
18) Atari 2600
19) Sega Saturn
20) Sega Master System
21) TurboGrafx-16
22) Neo Geo
23) PlayStation Vita
24) Game Gear
25) Intellivision
26) ColecoVision
27) Magnavox Odyssey2
28) Wii U
29) Neo Geo CD
30) Atari 7800
31) Xbox One
32) Sega 32x
33) Xbox 360
34) Sega Nomad
35) Atari Lynx
36) Xbox
37) Atari Jaguar
38) Magnavox Odyssey
39) 3DO
40) Virtual Boy
41) Atari 5200
42) Wonderswan
43) Action Max
44) Game.Com
45) Nokia N-Gage
46) Phillips CD-i

To be honest it is very hard to interpret a list such as this from the kind of voting system applied here. The further you go down the list the harder it gets. If the users could have sent in a list to weight their votes for all consoles and then add the points then sure that was possible.

But the voting system applied in this thread doesn't work that way because it leaves room for a strategic approach. You could downvote the weakest prey to quickly decimate the list or you could concentrate on the closest competitors to your favourite console.

I myself for example don't care about the Odyssey. It is by far the least interesting console. But not one vote did i waste for this system. I voted for NES, Dreamcast, even Switch. Not because i don't like these consoles, on the contrary. But they threatened the position of the Playstation 2 which in my opinion was the most qualified candidate for the first place.

So to me the list gets pretty worthless after around the fifth place at most because it loses its significance.

Agree 100% with this my favorite console is the N64 followed by the PS2 and the gamecube. The gamecube was getting really low so i upped the GC but I didnt vote for the N64 cause that one just fell from 11 to 0 real quick. Never voted for the PS2 cause it was on top the whole time. I voted the ps4 down not because I hate it but because I dont think it should be as high as I rated the consoles based on the amount of playtime I got for them which is why I rated the NES higher cause I arguably enjoyed more NES games then PS4 games. The PS3 is just a big piece of shit hardware imo and I dont understand why the 360 would be eliminated lower then the Xbox one, the Wii U or the dreamcast baffles me. 

Also it got ruined by both Nintendo fans and Playstation fans making an account just commenting on this thread. How little do you have going on in your life if you waste your time making new accounts to vote on a list like this.