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bugrimmar said:

This is a rant. Sorry.


I love diversity. I love equality. I love representation.

I think it's great that the world is recognizing the need for women to receive equal treatment at work. I completely agree that homosexual couples should be able to get married. I am extremely against racism in all forms and I believe every person is equal. It doesn't matter where you're from or what religion you are.




1. TALENT is what matters. Not your race or your sexual orientation. So if you aren't as talented as a male developer or director, you still should get the opportunity just because you're female? If you want to get a spot, IMPROVE. Let your work speak for itself and don't use your being female or Hispanic as a reason for your lack of success. It's garbage that less talented individuals are given work just for the sake of diversity. Diversity is good! But not if you're hiring someone just to prove your workplace is diverse and not because of talent!


2. STOP BENDING STORYLINES FOR THE SAKE OF INCLUSION. If your story calls for a homosexual character wherein his/her homosexuality has something to do with the story, then go for it. I would love to experience new storylines that explore these real world issues. But if you're just making a character a female just for the sake of showing inclusion and diversity and her feminine nature has nothing to do with the story, it's just stupid! Why make an all female Ghostbusters cast with a stupid ass male supporting character? Does their being female have anything to do with the story? Or did you just want to show people how "gender friendly" you are? The end result is the story becomes stupid! Did you cast black homosexual Achilles because it adds to the story? Does it? Or does it simply seek to rewrite an age old story unnecessarily just for your diversity dreams?


3. STOP USING STEREOTYPES. Not all Asians are math geniuses and not all African American characters are jacked up gangstas. Characters in games are just placed there as token pieces to fulfill a checklist. "Have we included the obligatory blonde skinny sex symbol? Check. What about the muscle bound black guy who swears every f@$#ing sentence? Check. What about the dumb Hispanic guy who talks like a meth addict? Check." It's like these people are just casting characters to fulfill obligations. Why do we have angelababy in Independence day? Not for her acting, but because she's a hot Asian chick who can appeal to viewers in China! Yeah! Cast her so we can show our movie has mass appeal!


End of rant.

The only reason i gave horizon a 6 was because they forced me for a female character. I like to play as male chars. Thats also why i will bot play black desert. Because the jobs are bounded on gender. Thats just bs. Give the people options. I would not play with a woman or a gay char but some will.