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Faxanadu said:
6 hours of gameplay and 9 hours of story resembling the "philosophical deepness" of Matrix 2 and 3 a ten?

Good lord, how gaming has fallen.



The story can be acceptable if you think of it as one giant joke. For example I took Otacon crying over Namoi on a computer screen as Hideo mocking his fans who would cry over characters in MGS4 Of course you'll still have to put up with overly long cutscenes and pointless dialog, but the game can be b-movie funny.

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Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

ssj12 said: Player specific decoders are nothing more than specialized GPUs. Gran Turismo is the trust driving simulator of them all. 

"Why do they call it the xbox 360? Because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away"