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I have (obviously) not beaten every game this gen, but out of all of the ones ive played (quality wise) GOW is the best one, the quality is just everywhere especially on the gameplay where it matters the most.

Nier Automata is still my favorite game though, there is a lot about that game that just resonates with me more, but a lot of that is kind of subjective, spoilers: (like the feelings it gave me at the end and the excitement and adrenaline i felt at certain parts of the game, and i get it that emotions is a very subjective topic what i might have found deeply touching or incredibly exciting will surely not be the same for everyone), its hard to explain but essentially while i loved Automata and i find it more memorable, i cant deny that quality wise GOW is on another league on almost every element except for the OST where i think Automata is actually better (though GOW still has one of the best soundtracks this gen), and story telling (obviously GOW is a masterpiece in this aspect but at the same time Automata did something pretty original in the way it told its story, and i dont think it needs to envy GOW at all).

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