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LethalP said:
BraLoD said:

You mean Sony own flagship games, which it's not.

Some of you guys are having some really wishful thinking about the sales of this game. Get a look and how many exclusives sold over 5M on the PS4 that are not first party games. Zero.

I don't think being made in house has much to do with it. PS4 has only had 3 big budget, highly rated, high selling exclusives, Uncharted 4, Horizon, and God Of War. The rest were either lesser budget and hype (Bloodborne/Until Dawn/The Last Guardian) and, or crap games (The Order 1886/Driveclub).

I don't see why you think that there's less hype for Spider-Man than UC4/Horizon/GoW. Don't say 'based on past games' tho, because you know that's bullshit.

For Kyuu too.

You'll see then, the game is not getting ANYWHERE close to Horizon, God of War and Uncharted 4, you guys are vastly overstimating it I don't know why. Those three games, are something on a complete different level, and really, there isn't a fraction of the hype for Spidey that we had for those.

I honestly don't see where are you coming from to think an Insomniac Spidey game will sell 10M copies out of the blue, it's like expecting Detroit to go and do it because it looks AAA...

Where is the appeal for this game to compare it to 4/5 years project from Guerilla, Santa Monica and Naughty Dog?

5M+ is where it'll land if it goes extremely well.