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How to dump browser cache:

 - Chrome:
  1 - Open Settings
  2 - Scroll down to the bottom where you see "Advanced" with a down arrow and click
  3 - Scroll to "Clear Browsing Data"
  4 - When you click this, it will pop another window - the ONLY option you need to have checked is "Cached images and files"
  5 - Click "Clear Data


 - FireFox
  1 - Open Preferences
  2 - Left column, click "Privacy & Security"
  3 - Scroll down to "Cached web content"
  4 - Click "Clear Now"


I don't have access to Safari or IE at the moment - perhaps somebody else around here has information?

I use the Dolphin browser on my cellphone:
  1 - Click the "dolphin" icon at the bottom of the screen to open settings
  2 - Click "Clear Data"
  3 - It will pop a window - you only need to have "Cache and site data" checked
  4 - Click "Clear selected data"