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VGPolyglot said:
bananaking21 said:

Alright. I'm going to be real with you and not respond with another joke post so you dont think i am mocking you personally. 


Of course this is just an assumption based on what you wrote and your wording of things. I could be totally wrong, or I could be spot on. 


It seems your using the "hassle" of entering a relationship as an excuse. Either

1- you are afraid of rejection and scared to try or

2- you are trying but can't seem to get into a relationship. 


Thus you created the excuse of the hassle in order to justify your decision to not pursue a relationship. 


The other thing that reaffirms this to me is that you said you'd rather befriend people than enter relationships. A relationship is also a friendship and it seems a bit nonsensical to not want to get close to a woman you enjoy being with and hanging around with. Of course there are women who you want to just be friends with and don't want to date. But putting that label on everyone by default is what makes it seem like there is a confidence problem. Because if you were in the situation to have a FWB I doubt you would have made this thread. 


This isn't a personal attack or trying to make you look bad. This is just an attempt (based on just two comments and my mind boggling perception) to identify the true problem here. You basically made a thread asking people what to beat your meat too, that doesn't seem like a great question to ask and one that shows that there is an underlying problem. 

I've never tried to get into a relationship myself personally, yeah there were times when I did desire someone but the thing is that I am a very anxious person and very particular with my time, and getting into a relationship is a huge commitment, and it's just not something that I'm willing or able to commit to at the moment. What I said by friendship was that I don't even have any friends at the moment, so I think that having friends is kind of an important jump-start before trying to get a girlfriend, because otherwise I'd be way too dependant on her which could be potentially catastrophic.

No man. That's way over thinking it. Get out of your own head dude, you're in your own head. Not sure exactly what the problem is with time management here but perhaps dressing up well, clean cut and all that and just head to a bar or some public event and see what happens. Get out of your own head.


Everything in the above reply is my opinion, from my own perspective and not representative of reality outside of my own head!

-Android user, please be gentle with critique on my spelling.