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Jumpin said:

The fact that you need to compare it to what is arguably the greatest game in history, the recent BotW, in order to state how it seems outdated, after 7 years, speaks volumes as to its quality. It's more of a compliment than anything.

Now, if you were comparing it to a game like XC2, that would be a different story.

Those are two very different games, but I'd love to compare them. I think that's a great idea for this thread. 

XC2 has ridiculously interesting and complicated geography. Every new area is something unique and fascinating. Skyrim is just mountains and snow, or mountains and forest. 

XC2 combat starts out simple, but eventually becomes deep and complex. Skyrim's combat is exactly the same as Oblivion's with no improvements at all. 

XC2 character and team building feels more open. Skyrim really demands that you build a particular race a particular way. Sure, you can play as a Khajit spellcaster, but the game will auto-level enemies to your level, and since you don't have any racial modifiers towards magic skills you will be underleveled by comparison. 

Skyrim has a much more open world, and gives more freedom to explore. 

Skyrim is more approachable. XC2 is insanely complicated, even in a slightly bad way. 

Skyrim doesn't waste the player's time with unskippable blade core opening sequences, merc mission animations, or random number generators. When's the last time you went farming in Skyrim, and kept having to kill the same creature over and over just to try to get that one ultra-rare item? 

XC2 looks better in its art direction. Skyrim's art direction is bland, and unoriginal. 

Both games have cat people races!

Personally I like XC2 more, but Skyrim has a lot of things going for it over that game. 

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