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The fact that this thread has gone on for as long as it has and that there is so much strife within it, is really just proof of what the real issue is here.

The fans.

MS can be where they are now and get away with it because there are loyalists that will supportthem for whatever reason.

The simple indisputable fact of the matter is that since the tail end of the 360 platform, MS first party and second party output has dwindled.

Outside the odd indie game, MS pretty much has one major game launched every year right now and those aren't even always new IPs. I am not making this up, its clear and there for all to see, but instead of the Xbox fans take this up with heads of the brand, they are here defending them. on twiter supporting them.

I will never understand it.

And they say stupid things like "ohh but sony has lost devs too or closed down studios or lost exclusives", yes; sony can damn well afford to do that when each year they are still releasing like 3-5 exclusives. Consistently, and some of which are even new IPs. MS has gears/halo/forza and still somehow manages to be closing studios and cancelling games...... yet its fans doesn't see there is a problem somewhere?

I really don't get it.

MS needs games. Simple as that. Its ok if they are content with being a me too platform. Where the near entirety of their library and must haves are games that exist on their rivals platform. But if thats not what they are after, then they simply need games. And they need studios to do that. Or at the very least good partnerships.

I would sooner support a platform that can say we do the same and will give you different, than one that will say we do the same and sometimes maybe better of the same.