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JRPGfan said:
thismeintiel said:

Took Sony 10 years? Do what? No, Sony has always been pumping out good 1st party stuff. Sure, they hit a slight stall at the beginning of the PS3 era, which we can chalk up to HD development learning, which also happened to Nintendo.

It's just the same old BS, journalists making excuses for Xbox, just like with the power disparity from the beginning of the gen. MS actually started strong with 1st party development this gen. It's just Xbox is no longer a #1 priority for MS, so they are cutting down on 1st party development and on buying 3rd party exclusives. Maybe they'll try again next gen, but if XB2 experiences a similar fate, they will ramp down, again. And if it performs worse, they may just be done altogether. At least as far as consoles are concerned.

I think he means opening studio's and growing talent within them, so they have developers able to do a game thats a 95 on metacritic. He saying that talent in the studios didnt just magically appear, sony grew the studios and the talent.

I think Phil is saying the same,....  give us time to open some studios and grow some talent in them.
But if this was true, why havnt we heard about MS buying some studios? or forming some new ones?

It could just be "empty" talk.... or maybe they have bought studios and just not announced them to the world yet?

It comes off sounding like : Phil - "Next gen we ll be better"  (but why should it? he doesnt explain "why")

meanwhile at Sony:
1) announce they ll invest more going forwards (next gen) into game developement than they have this gen.
2) theyre opening up a new big budget studio (could be the first of many)

But, the problem with that statement is that Sony has been growing devs and IPs, even ones they don't outright own, since the PS1 days. 

For studios, you have Japan Studio, which made Ape Escape and LOD.  There's Polyphony Digital, which made Omega Boost and GT 1&2.  Naughty Dog, who made the OG Crash trilogy and CTR.  Bend, who made the Syphon Filter Trilogy on PS1.  You had 989 Studios, who basically is San Diego Studios, now, which made their sports titles.  London Studio, that made their first two NBA Shootout games.  Clap Hanz, that develops the Everybody's Golf series.  Insomniac, that developed the OG Spyro trilogy.  Media.Vision, who made Wild Arms 1&2.  Idol Minds, now Deck Nine, who got their start making Cool Boarders titles.  They even created a studio, Foster City Studio, just for helping 3rd party devs when developing Sony owned IPs.

Then, there are Sony owned IPs created during the PS1 era, that the studios are no longer around that originally developed them.  Alundra, Blasto, Jet Moto, Jumping Flash, Kingsley's Adventure (listed that one mainly for me), MediEvil, PaRappa, Tomba, Twisted Metal, and Warhawk, to name a few.

Of course, as we know, as you go on through the PS2-PS4 gens, many studios and IPs joined those ranks.  Sony has just always been about pumping out tons of IPs, giving new devs a chance.  Some work.  Others do not.  The point is, this has been happening since the beginning and it has continued.  What we are seeing from MS is that they are losing their passion for this business.  When Sony hit hard times with the PS3, they buckled down and continued their strategy, while trying to quickly get HW costs down.  MS doesn't even have the high costs problem, but they seem to be abandoning spending money on new IPs, or even many of their existing ones.

I do see it as empty talk.  Do I think MS is going to give it another strong go next gen?  Yes, for the first year or so.  But, if XB2 sees the same fate as the XBO, I have no doubt that their content will once again dry up.  And if it befalls a worse fate, I'm not really sure they will stick to the console business.  And with Sony firing on all cylinders, getting out a powerful PS5 for $399 in the next 1 1/2-2 years, and MS showing they have little direction for the Xbox brand other then GAAS and microtransactions, I don't think the future looks bright for them next gen.

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