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SidOfBee said:

I feel the term "killer app" is being misused these days.  A killer app isn't a game or software that demonstrates the potential of a product, rather it is a game or software that makes the masses want/buy the product.  Wipeout series is great I'm, but too niche to be considered a PSVR seller to the masses.


There's only a few killer apps in videogame history...


Super Mario Bros

Super Mario World

Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Mario 64

Final Fantasy VII

DVD (for PS2)


Wii Sports


I might be missing one but that is the echelon of true killer apps that made those systems fly off shelves.

Wipeout is what drew me to Playstation. It's the game I saw playing in the shops on ps1 and I had to have one. Wipeout 2047 was the killer app for the system for me.

From that list only Super Mario 64 and Wii Sports got me to buy the system and both ended up being disappointing. But sure, they worked for the masses. Wipeout worked for the demographic I was in at the time, mainly because of the music and style. 2047 is still the best wipeout.