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Hear me out: We all know that the Switch has been consistently outselling XBOX One, to the point that it now has nearly 40% of XBOX One's total sales, in little over a year since it launched. This is incredible, and provided Nintendo kept the same pace, and XBOX One ceased to sell at all, it would be likely that Nintendo would top its sales within 14-18 months time. 


Of course, the above scenario is impossible. With XBOX One X, Microsoft has managed to resurrect the platform's sales, and they could well perform much higher than anticipated in 2018. Nintendo, on the other hand, would pretty much have to surpass their first year, which sounds impossible at this moment.


I understand that eventually, given current trends, Switch could outsell the XBOX. But if this happens at the twilight of this generation, then it would be a Pyrrhic victory. 


Will the Switch surpass XBOX One (vanilla, S, and X) sales?

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