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globalisateur said:
John2290 said:

Digital foundry just put up an analysis video. Even though they only use the social screen which is disappointing. They should come up with a new way to analyise VR games than this, however it's seems to be great news regardless.

As a whole DF are almost ignoring VR. For instance they didn't do an analysis about Skyrim. Skyrim, big open world game , for the first time at locked 60fps on console + great VR adaptation. Not even a tweet.

But they praised the 30fps Switch port like if it was the second coming. And they are so in awe about any game that outputs at 4K on their beloved Xbox X and it's becoming  ridiculous.

Had a look through their stuff. They made it pretty clear they can't judge the actual VR, it's no wonder they don't. Such a pity, I'd love to see some comparisons between 60 to 120 interlooped games and the traditional 30 or 60 fps version. 


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