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Just picked some games and will re-iterate my entire collection along with the new.

(Old) Superbomberman R
(Old) Steamworld Dig 2
(Old) Doom
(Old) Kamiko
(Old) Yooka-Laylee
(Old) Oxenfree
(Old) Celeste
(NEW) The Bridge - an interesting concept for a puzzle game but not very good in my opinion. I typically figured out the solution to a puzzle very quickly then spent 10 minutes attempting to get the finicky physics engine to implement my plan.
(NEW) I am Setsuna - I'm not typically into JRPGs, but I was told this resembled Chrono Trigger, one of my favorites. I've only put a couple of hours into it, but thus far it is a very solid game. Art, atmosphere, music, and combat are all strong. Only downside is that my dialog choices don't seem to affect the story much.