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PwerlvlAmy said:
TalonMan said:

This is a good idea - I'll have to take an updated picture myself, soon. Just need to figure out the best way to arrange everything so I can get the best shot...  :)

find an open area and u are good to go

Yeah, but as you can see from my tally so far, I'll be up over 100 physical releases by the end of this month!!! That's a LOT of "open area" to try and find! LOL!!!  ;)

Actually - I went back to my spreadsheet to count, and it's "only" 85 physical releases. Still, that's a lot of room to try and find!! Anyway, I'm going to wait until some of the super-special and rare ones show up, and then I'll take my picture. In particular, I'm waiting on:

Tales of the Tiny Planet
Human Fall Flat

These were expensive, hard to find, and I'm anxious for them to get here. Once they're here, I'll take my picture...  :)

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