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Errorist76 said:
Azzanation said:

For one i am not talking about the aging mechanic so let's make that clear.

Do you have proof that the Crackdown 3 demo is fake and that the cloud processing doesnt work?

Also regardless if Sea of Thieves uses the Cloud for its water effects does not take away the brilliance that Rare has achieved with there water in there game.


The water truly looks amazing...but that’s not related to The Cloud. 

Did you see any destruction in the last Crackdown trailer? We all know they used this locally PC calculated demo a few years back in order to make people believe the underpowered X1 would suddenly become more powerful. It was a marketing tool, nothing more.

Even if they did the calculation in the cloud, it would only work in a controlled, possibly lad-free environment. It’s a whole different story in the WWW with half the people not having a decent internet connection with drop outs, lag, bad ping times, low bandwidth etc. Every tech savvy person will tell you this is not going to work as shown in that demo in real life environments and net realities, and you’ll see once the game will (hopefully) be released later this year.

Feel free to quote me in your sig if I’m wrong.

cloud based gaming is right around the corner... Regardless of xbox or Microsoft or the shitty internet connection a lot of people have... Thinking otherwise is like thinking smartphone was a fade....



it's like VR or wide angle UHD gaming, maybe 1% of the world computers are capable of handling quality VR even fewer have all the equipment and the room to make it stellar... Same with 3 screens UHD HDR10 and throw in a 5.4.2 atmos system and you fall under 0.1% yet it DOES exist... I haven't had a ping over 25ms on a very bad day in ages and an DL and UL speed under 15mbps and UL usually over 30 and DL over 50...



Microsoft happen to have the second largest server banks in the world and one of the most spread out around the world... An azure system optimized for gaming.... I guarantee you cloud gaming is possible and viable just maybe not for you and 99% of the world but that's a moot point... An to be frank I'm 100% sure there are more people that have the equipment for descent cloud gaming today than for VR or UHD 3screens gaming...




Xbox fans might have been gullible but thinking it's impossible even today is just as laughable...