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Errorist76 said:

Only gullible fanboys believe this tech can do complex physics calculations in real-time.

What makes you think it needs to be done in real time?
Many effects are not actually rendered in real time, but are done in successive passes.

Errorist76 said:

Also...what does an aging character have to do with the cloud? The author had smoked some good stuff for sure.

There is certainly allot of fluff in the article.

Conina said:

So what happens if you throttle the internet bandwith while playing? Are the waves standing still at some point?

Is there any proof that all the wave physics are calculated on the game servers and not locally on the console or PC?

How much of the data traffic is for the wave calculations?

Was the aging of characters in Fable 1 & 2 also only possible due to the power of the cloud?

Pretty sure it's not that much different from Battlefield 4 actually.

So if you throttle your bandwidth... Same kind of thing will happen to you in Sea of Thieves as it does in Battlefield 4.

caffeinade said:

I would imagine they are just sending height-maps, so the servers can synchronise and simulate the waves.
Leaving the client to tessellate and interpolate as required.
The bandwidth required shouldn't be too high for such a solution.

You are probably right in your assumption to a degree.