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Areym said:
foodfather said:
I agree.

I'm convinced people only like it because it tries to be ''edgy'' and has titays.

I find the writing in particular quite woeful.

You know there's literally videos of those same characters fucking each other's brains out, some fairly high quality so why would anybody buy them to see those boobs for 5 seconds? Not sure how the game is edgy.

Also disagree on the writing, it's fairly solid and many of the side quest feel meaningful for those characters involved. I will agree that the combat is sluggish and awkward.

In the end game when you get whirlwind the combat becomes a form of art. Very fluid and you start to see the designers visions.


I have over 300 hours on the witcher 3 and I found it boring at first and it got me so mad how I would die and the  no auto save would make me repeat shit. but I learned and learned. Its a modern masterpiece.