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sc94597 said:

If the lore, characters, story, and side-quests don't do anything for you, I think it's just not for you. I wonder though, what are some Western Role-Playing games that you think have done things better than The Witcher 3 here? I can name a few, but not many. 

If you're comparing it to behemoths like LoTR and GoT I can see why it is disappointing for you.

Personally, for me the interesting thing about the game is how the side-quests of each area are interrelated and reinforce a general story. It all came together when I found how two particular side-quest lines were related in Velen. The game and its inhabitants are suppose to be depressing.

The problem is that things are so convoluted, everybody looks the same and have the same voices that I can not follow each character hours after I have finished their quest.

And sometimes it seems just random and pointless, ex: I see a quest mark in an area and go check: NPC: "You saved my girlfriend´s life. She can´t speak or react to contact any longer. Go fuck yourself your piece of shit abomination".

Boom! just wasted 3 minutes of game play.