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RolStoppable said:
Kerotan said:

Not baiting. Its a legitimate point. He makes many biased comparisons. I've noticed the pattern. 

Do you think that doing what you accuse him of makes you the voice of reason?

I told him my opinion. I never claimed to be the voice of reason. 

Jranation said:
RolStoppable said:

Here is the comparison of software sales in Japan in a comparable timeframe:

PS4 in 2014, launch in February - 2.584m
Switch in 2017, launch in March - 5.973m

Well there's his answer. Not sure why he wants to bring the entire world in Japan sales thread. 

Because his comparisons are not limited to just Japanese sales so my answer wasn't either. So no that's not the answer. An actual bold prediction would be "Switch will sell more software then the ps4 lifetime WW". 


If I went and made a "ps4 will sell more software then switch WW" it would be equally as obvious as some of his. I say some because, he does have a few legit bold comparisons over the years. 



Anyway back on topic, ps4 Pro back in stock. Hopefully it stays that way so sales next week are as high as possible. Launch is just 1 day away.