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killeryoshis said:
Who wrote this? AThe 3DS did so badly Nintendo had to take losses so it wouldn't fail. The 3DS is a disappointment sales wise. It should be at 100+ million. Nintendo focusing so hard on 3D is what caused such a big drop. If anything it shows that 3D will never be a big seller. It shows that even the mighty DS could not make it successful. Hopefully the idea stays in a radioactive dump where it belongs.

you're kind of doing some leaps in logic and into puddles of unknown. THe majority of people didn't buy the 3DS for it's 3D abilities, that was just a quirky bonus. in the end 80 million is extremely solid, particularly when you look at the fact that its competition will probably not end up with much more than 15 million.

I just think the reality is if ANYTHING the 3DS was held back by its technology. In an age of smartphones and tablets a lot of gamers aren't going to be thrilled by games that are often sometimes like 240p, even if the screens are small enough to make things look better. 

and that's where the Switch comes in perfectly- it's a more appropriate group of specs for today. In the end though in no time Nintendo was making a lot off of 3DS systems and the system did well for its worth.  comparing to the DS as some sort of argument for failure is just silly though, the DS is akin to the PS2 as far as perfect storms are considered. PS2 came at the perfect time with a DVD player, and arguably a huge amount of its success was the fact that it included that in a period of transitioning media. the DS came at a period where smartphones were still in an early stage AND I believe it offered an internet browser with wifi, essentially an early mini tablet of sorts. Again, a perfect storm as far as timing

3DS put up very solid numbers given it's limited graphics and whatnot. I mean the fact that 80 million people potentially bought a handheld at 240p up until 2018 suggests that its a great handheld as far as convenience, game library, etc.


as for the thread quote- kind of a strange thing considering the 3DS and Virtual Boy are nothing alike and 3D is far from why the 3DS was successful.