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RolStoppable said:
Normchacho said:

Am I? I'm pretty sure as far as the Switch goes I've said that I don't think it will outsell the Wii, I might have mentioned that I think the Switch will end up somewhere between 70-90 million units, but I've never tried to defend either of those as being any more than a guess. The only really concrete prediction or point I've made about Switch sales as far as I can remember is saying that it might be tough for the Switch to beat the PS4s first year. Even then it was a "eeehhh I don't know, that seems unlikely" and not the "Haha what?!?! You don't think the Switch is going to sell 100+ million units and crush everything forever?!?!? LOLOLOLOL" That this thread (and site) has been full of.

Yes, you are. It isn't solely about making predictions yourself, but also which side of an argument you support and defend.

When you do something like you are doing in this thread - portraying the people who think that Switch will sell very well as a ridiculous mob - then you become guilty by association. You don't have a neutral stance on this matter, hence why you portray the doubters as reasonable and the opposition as unreasonable. You explicitly state that this thread is an example of the behavior that you see, but here the main point of contention is not "Will Switch sell 100m+?" like you say, it's "Will Switch's year 2 be better than its year 1?" - And you portray the people who say that successful consoles don't peak in year 1 as rabid, even though all historic sales records show that consoles with a healthy first year like Switch do not peak in year 1.

You aren't reaching in the slightest.

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