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PortisheadBiscuit said:
Normchacho said:
God I love watching people go fucking rabid anytime someone says something less than excellent about the Switch.

Actually it's ones saying things like "Switch will fall off a cliff in 2018" without any proof whatsoever that start all the trouble. 

1. It is fair to say that a prediction like that is equally ridiculous. You certainly have a point there. Because not really knowing what the future for Switch holds works both ways.

2. That first line isn't so much about how crazy some predictions have been, that's more the rest of the post. The first line is about how strongly people react when people make predictions that don't line up with the more positive ones. It's a little silly.

Bet with Adamblaziken:

I bet that on launch the Nintendo Switch will have no built in in-game voice chat. He bets that it will. The winner gets six months of avatar control over the other user.