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fuallmofus said:
This sounds too good to be true. Its like more stuff to do. More Weapons to fight, a combat system that combines functions from Star Ocean and FF12. All cities from original to explore and now those are even bigger.
The only bad thing is that it splitted to 3 parts. Its like Starcraft 2, when the last episode came nobody cared anymore.

That was the point wasn't it? They want to remake it bigger and better, wich is why it's divided in 3. Even in the PSX presentation we were already seeing stuff that wasn't in the original.

But i agree. While i think that the remake may be able to meet expectations in terms of quality, the format will make it lose popularity as it's truly not a trilogy but 1 game chopped in 3.

I'd be ok with it if they let us merge the 3 at the end. Also, it raises problems over how the save file/levels/materia/items will transfer over. Some people may just level all the way to 99 before episode 2 even releases, completely breaking the game.

JamesGarret said:
I wonder if FFVII Episode I will end up being a cross-gen title for PS4 and PS5...maybe one of the launch games for the PS5?

From what I remember of FFVII, I was thinking they´d end episode I after the first battle with the Jenova boss, when Cloud and his team are headed to another continent.

Is this cause you think the game wont release for another 3 years or because you are expecting PS5 for next year? 

I see quite a few people with that expectation of the PS5 and i think it's total financial suicide to go back to 5 year cycles. I will be very surprised if we see it come out before fall 2020. 

The only danger aspect to it is Microsoft. Given they aren't winning, they may want to jump the ship to the next gen hoping for another 360 tirade. But i'm sure Sony won't be caught with their pants down again.

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