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Welcome to the "Obscure Game Monthly Review Thread".I'm still looking for a better title, so if you have better ideas, feel free to comment.

So what is this?

With the latest reforms of the DataBase, and most importantly, to add new games to it, we all have a massive opportunity to share many hidden and obscure titles we might know but everyone else doesn't. So, using the last of the spirit of sharing of Christmas, I propose to you this little challenge.

What's the objective?

The objective of this thread is to find, play and review games that are basically unknown and share them with everyone. Then, once we've done that, we can add them to the database and fill up its file. That way, all the games have a chance of having a fuly detailed file, not just the major releases.

What kind of games do I have to review?

The best kind of games for this are those that you know but it seems that noone else does. it doesn't matter its genre, quality, lenght, platform or any other thing, as long as you think the game is vastly overshadowed by years of other releases.

How many games do I have to review?

In theory a good pace would be one game per month. That way, at the end of the year, each participant has played at least 12 games. Also, if you do add your review to the DB, please leave a link here and I'll add it to the table down here. Don't worry, it's not mandatory, this is just the optimal scenario, play and review as many games as you want.

What happens if someone else has, or is, reviewing a game I'm currently playing?

Well, there should be no problem with that, comparing and contrasting experiences is always a good thing.

When is the deadline for this?

No deadline, you join in whenever you want, although it's preferable to do it in Januay, so we all review at least 12 games.


Other Q&A. I'll add here other possible questions that appear.

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You know it deserves the GOTY.

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