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akuma587 said:
I gave the speed examples to show how many people in the tech industry can see that Blu-Ray is the no-brainer choice. HD-DVD has had a lot of trouble making burners that are able to do higher writing speeds because, what do you know, the R&D of HD-DVD wasn't as thorough as it should have been. The plastic layers of the disc are so thick that the laser has a lot of trouble doing what it needs to because of the dispersion. Blu-Ray has a thinner plastic layer which severely lessens the problem (and is more scratch resistant to boot because of the Durabis lining they developed).

I didn't mean anything personal with my post, I just really don't see ANY tech support for HD-DVD except the floundering Toshiba (the only HD-DVD player maker because no one else will get in the market because Toshiba subsidizes their players) who is putting HD-DVD players in their laptops. Microsoft isn't doing much at all anymore to help out HD-DVD since it is pretty much convinced that the format is going to die and that downloads are the way to go in the future anyways. Blu-Ray actually has disc drives being manufactured by multiple companies (just look on Amazon), along with burners, and along with a decent supply of blank discs for sale. Several companies are offering Blu-Ray players in their computers now as well.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely think Blu-Ray has the advantage right now. But it's nearly a non-issue at this point given adoption rates. And more than Toshiba is making drives, NEC and Buffalo also make them. It was a two minute search so there might be others (NewEgg was not cooperating with my search).

A quick search told me that HP is also offering HD-DVD. I didn't bother searching further since I know Dell and Apple are in the Blu-Ray camp (though Apple seems reluctant). MS only offered their HD-DVD player to thwart Sony. They don't want either format to win and they never did, they released the player to cause confusion.

Like I keep saying, the tech industry hasn't really bought into anything yet. They seem to be sitting on their hands waiting for time to pass until it becomes profitable for them to enter.

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