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VGPolyglot said:
Chazore said:

Then in the end, people should try thinking that GoG>Steam, because it ultimately cannot compete with Steam due to their one policy they stick with.

That doesn't mean the other clients out there cannot compete with Steam, they are just lazy and only care about what they want to sell, not what consumers want

Steam is no different, they just have the advantage because they're the biggest.

They have the advanateg because people are allowed to sell on their storefront.


Like I said before, where are the rest of them (apart from GoG being super selective) opening their gates for all the other AAA and indie titles to their storefronts?.

Steam is vastly different to the other stores, there is no comparison, because the other stores have half the library and half the features that Steam has. It's like when people try to compare a low end console to an enthusiast end PC, they aren't going to be the same. 

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