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Captain_Yuri said:

I think Valve will get shat on regardless of what they do. Like they removed 150-200 "fake" games from steam and no one cared...


They remove one game with questionable material based on their investigation on the actions of the developer and everyone is like derp, Valve is terrible. It's like wtf...

Like k, I don't agree with the decision of removing the game but here's the thing. What do people think will happen if Valve starts curating their store seriously? When you have curators, games will be subjective af. If a Curator thinks something is meant for "pedos" and shouldn't be on steam, it will either be removed or not allowed on steam in the first place. But what will people's reaction is gonna be? Boo Valve!

On the other end, if they don't curate, guess what's people's reaction is gonna be? Boo Valve! It's laughable honestly.

I know they have a planned store revamp, but I highly doubt many on here will care for that either.

Some here just want a company that worked hard to get where it is, to die and for all the games to just vanish overnight. The other storefronts won't take all the missing games in, nor will they support them either. People wishing for one company, that most devs sell from to die, without realising just how much damage that would do to the platform in general.

GoG isn't nearly as rich to support all of the games that Steam has (excluding the trash), while the rest are absolutely not interested in supporting the entire library. If they were, we'd have seen insane library growth from all the other clients, but we haven't. 

These people seem to forget that Valve doesn't hold indie and AAA studios at gunpoint. The devs choose to sell on that storefront because it's more accessible, has mod support and it also has the most users buying and using it. You can't simply tell millions of gamers to stop using Steam, stop buying games from the storefront and then tossing away the library you paid for.


it amazes me what people will fight for, and the thing they fight for, is the one that will do the most damage. It's like they cannot see the consequences of placing their needs over others first. But then again, it's no surprise that this site is pro heavy Japanese in terms of support. So anything that doesn't get approved from Japan, earns massive ire from the crowd on here. Ruler is just another one of those who would throw PC under the bus to get anything out there.


Exactly. Either way, Valve would get shat on. because these people fail to understand what a tight form of curation would do to the store in general. imagine if Valve was as tight at EA/Blizzard. We wouldn't have Undertale. We wouldn't have Starbound and many others out there.

People give props to Nintendo for their super tight curation view, but they fail to notice that for all those AAA games and indie titles that are turned away by that company, all end up going to PC, because they aren't turned away and are in fact supported one way or another (the other way involving a release on all the storefronts, or one of them).

I think their reasoning was lame, but the last thing I want, is for creepy titles to pop up over and over, then having the UK/US journo's sticking their heads into the games industry and labeling gamers as pedos.


Japan makes good games here and there, but they are ever so pervy. The US/UK loves gun violence, but they shy away from porn in the public eye, while Japan loves to dance across that line in nearly any aspect of the industries they have in their own country.