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ckmlb said:
SpaceJase said:
HDDVD will win because it's got a better name.

Not that I care in the slightest but at least the PS3 fans have the HD format war to (they hope) make up for losing the console war...

...The word 'pathetic' does leap to mind.

Cause you know losing the console war makes people who have that console pathetic. I guess Nintendo fans were pathetic for the last decade just cause they bought the consoles they wanted to play the games they wanted.

HD DVD will win because of its name? Great theory except when Blu Ray wins and someone goes to get an HD DVD they will get Blu Rays. Both are types of high def DVDs, the consumer is not gonna buy HD DVD because the other one is called Blu Ray.... great theory. 

betamax was a great name too, in theory