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Pemalite said:
MrRoops said:
I really hope they get out of hardware and become the biggest publisher, crushing EA. They Are a software company, they are wasting time diddling with hardware.

I Want their games on Playstation consoles.

Surface is doing surprisingly well.
Microsoft has always made some great peripherals too. (Keyboard, Mice and so on.)

Apple has proven how lucrative hardware can be...
Google has proven how hardware can leverage software...

With that... Even when Microsoft wasn't in the hardware business, they weren't exactly porting their games to Sony or Nintendo's platforms in droves, they were mostly PC exclusive...

What did they have worth porting to console back then ?  Now Halo Gears Crackdown would make a killing selling on PSs massive user base.  Forza would do insane numbers on PS i'd love to see what that awesome franchise does on hardware and user base that would embrace the hell out of it.    I'd much prefer a MS made star wars game over EA lol.  

Just on their current franchises, i see then being a very profitable dev/pub.  I got a surface and it makes sense very good at what it does, but xbox just doesn't and i have one.  But won't be buying the next one, just not worth it.  To me X1 was the straws that broke the camel's back.