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Biggerboat1 said:

Perhaps I should have said the listed model's equivalents back when I bought my OLED back in 2015. I'm by no means a TV aficionado but from what I've read and what others have said, it's the per-pixel illumination that makes the real different (& the perfect blacks of course) - the detail and contrast just pop - making everything look extremely rich & vibrant.

But, your best source is the many reviews out there stating exactly why OLED stands out - there's no shortage of them that's for sure :)

And that's also its achilles heel. Every light source made by man wears out slowly, it's simple physics. With LED not a problem, it doesn't effect the color or the individual pixels. With OLED, it all depends on how evenly each pixel wears, per color, or per location with static images. The most used pixels wear out faster, it's simple physics.
This is not a new problem, it's as old as CRT. Except static images are more common nowadays. Still my CRT projector degraded faster in the blue range. It seems it's still the same with OLED, blue is the weakest link.

I'm not sure what you mean by just pop. The 360's skewed gamma curve (and resulting black crush) made images pop. Rich and vibrant is just a matter of cranking up the contrast and saturation. Both things (extreme contrast and high saturation) are undesirable for movie viewing, it's the first thing AV guides tell you to turn down while calibrating a new tv.

Anyway I'll go with what my eyes tell me :) And maybe they don't work correctly lol. I can't see true black, there's always some background visual noise like a very dark version of night vision. Perhaps that's why OLED doesn't 'pop' for me.

kowenicki said:
And still every respected review site says OLED.... but don't let that sway you, we have a poster here who knows best. (that study he is swooning over which mentions the lg still being the best by the way, is on last years model too). There are other tests of course, such as input lag and viewing angle, clouding etc... but lest ignore those too.

Those Sony sets mentioned are decent enough if you are in a budget I guess, but I'm not.

The only Sony's I would buy would be the A1 (OLED) or the ZD9B, otherwise it would be a QLED from Samsung or one of the better Panasonics.

But don't believe the people that sell and deal with those tvs every day. It's not just Azuren. The specialized home theater store where I have bought all my equipment over the past 13 years would not recommend me to get the LG, in fact they were discontinuing to stock LG because of the problems they've had with them.

Get the Z9D if money is not an option, or indeed wait and see how self emitting qleds turn out. Might as well wait for hdmi 2.1, shouldn't be more than a few months away now. If money was not an option for me I would get this http://www.sony.ca/en/electronics/projector/vpl-vw5000es
Even that's not perfect, can't handle 4K60p at 4:4:4. I wish laser projectors would come down in price!