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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Hory shit! The 3DS had a 480k week? Bonkers!

Yep. Even including launch weeks, it was one of the best weeks ever for any system in Japan. Only three other systems did better: the PS2 in its launch week (630,552), the GBA in its launch week (611,504), and the DS in Christmas week in both 2005 (597,628) & 2006 (485,964).

zorg1000 said:

Would be crazy if it can match 3DS Dec sales considering that it costs twice as much, but that will be tough since 3DS had 3 weeks in a row that averaged 400k.

Yeah. It is a tough goal for the Switch to reach. In the 5-week sales period for December 2011, the 3DS sold over 1.6M, which is as far as I can figure the second-best December for any system ever in Japan that we have data for (#1 was the DS, which sold ~1.87M in Dec. 2005). Still, the Switch ought to do pretty damn well for itself if Nintendo gets sufficient stock on store shelves.